P2Ström iPhone app


Spring 2010, the radio show Ström is back for the 5th season. Ström is the only radio show on Swedish National Radio focusing only on the most interesting electronica. Every show is finished with a remix of the title music of Ström, a remix made by the fans of Ström.
This year we have developed an iPhone application, a creative six-channel mix with some powerful effects and cool features. When a remix is finished on the app, you simply send it to Ström’s Soundcloud-account and so can listen to it, If it’s really good, it might end a radio show this spring.
There is another function of the app that is even more unique. You can click the “band” button and your multi-channel mix turns into a tool to play only one instrument but with more flexibility and control. If you hook up with some fiends with iPhones, you can start an electronic pop-band. The people that make Ström did this and we had a gig at the club Fylkingen in Stockholm. Here are some pics from the gig:

P2 Ström – iPhone app – promotional video from Håkan Ullberg on Vimeo.


The iPhone app is totally free and you can get it here.

Listen to remixes made by the P2Ström app.