Stockholm Noise Live


April 24 2010, the citizens of Stockholm were asked to record the sound of Stockholm and come to Kulturhuset where 4 electronica producers took the recordings and remixed it into music. The event was a part of the Culture Night if Stockholm and also a follow-up project to Stockholm Noise. More info and music at

How does Stockholm sound in your ears? And how does music made from the sound of Stockholm sound?

During the city’s Culture Night sounds and noises will be music and you get to decide how it should sound! Starting in the Culture House, we are going sound hunting. Sound findings are then submitted to a bunch of electronica artists and suddenly Stockholm will sound different. The finale will be an improvised concert where your city noise has been transformed into exciting rhythms and sounds -- maybe music to dance to! A concert that sounds like Stockholm, but in a way that you’ve never heard the city before.

Stockholm Noise Live is a collaboration between Ljudverkstan / Lava and Stockholm Noise, which consists of the musician, music producer Hakan Lidbo and ethnologist Elin Franzen.

Participating artists:
Noisebud is Sol Andersson and John Ahlberg. Sol has a background in both the techno collective Ana International Penetrator and in electro-acoustic music. Johanne has released 12 s on labels like Smuts and Stupid. Noisebud formed when they won a contest to remix Luke Slater’s track ‘Head Converter’.

Yourhighness is Johannes Wikström alias when he makes electro-acoustic music and sound art. In recent years, he composed music for a number of fashion and art films, including the fashion designers Nakkna and Whyred. Recently he made a sound installation for Acne in London. He also produces electronic disco together with Elias Raam in Ultra City, and runs the record label Roller Boys Recordings.

Hakan Lidbo has released over 200 records on labels worldwide, from obscure, crackling minimalism to the Eurovision Song Contest. He does radio show Ström and arranges the Voltfestivalen

If you want to film your visual interpretation of Stockholm as well, VJ Morrsken collects footage and for her VJ set during the evening.

Kl.19:00 Info och utlåning av inspelningsutrustning
Kl.20-22 Lämna dina inspelningar till artisterna
Kl.23:00 Oljud Stocholm Live : Artisterna gör musik av dina Stockholmsljud

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