Zuzuvela – the revenge of the vuvuzela

vuvuzelabigbildSwedish radio commissioned a short musical piece for the vuvuzela,  the cheap plastic horn that many think polluted the Football World Championship in South Africa.

This year the WC really had a sound, a never-ending drone that became the soundtrack of the whole tournament. Many people found this very annoying and the sound of the vuvuzela has been widely debated all over the World. In Sweden it has already been forbidden at football games. But the very fact that a musical instrument is a topic is highly unusual. Not since the introduction of the electric guitar has a single instrument been so discussed. The tonal quality of this instrument can also be discussed, or rather the lack of tonal quality. We will probably never see the vuvuzela as an instrument in a symphonic orchestra but it certainly deserves at least one serious piece of music that actually respects the vuvuzela and let it present itself in a new and more flattering context. Håkan Lidbo created a short musical piece that had it’s premiere play july 9th at Swedish Radio -- and then live at Swedish TV at the finals opening july 11.

Listen to Zuzuvela at Swedish Radio P2 here

…or get ZUZUVELA -- The Single. It’s totally free. To download just click here.


The vuvuzela project on Swedish TV:                                                                            Live on Swedish TV at the finals:

On Swedish Children’s TV:                                                                                              Some bootleg video:

Some press links:

A bonus:
In 2008 Håkan Lidbo produced the football song Skruva Den Hårt I Krysset for the Humor TV Show Morgonsoffan on Swedish TV:

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