Classical Masterpieces Remixed


In the Spring 2010 Dagens Nyheter in Stockholm offered its readers a CD-collection of “25 classical masterpieces” – from “The four seasons” by Vivaldi to “Carmina Burana” by Orff. In order to see what happens if you connect these works from the past with the creative thoughts in today’s music, we invited a wide spectra of Swedish DJs, producers of electronica and composers of contemporary music to remix a favourite piece from the collection. The music was presented on the website In the hope of presenting new music answering, not only these masterpieces inner wish, but all musics inner wish – to be continued.

The project was initiated by Martin Nyström för Dagens Nyheter, compiled and managed by Håkan Lidbo. CD Artwork by Håkan Ullberg.  CD Mastering by Håkan Ludvigson.



01. Stefan Klaverdal – Symphony No 4 (SMPHN rmx) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
02. Mattias Petersson & George Kentros – Bolero (Unravelled remix) – Maurice Ravel
03. Motoko ishii – Le Faune Au Pays Des Merveilles – Claude Debussy
04. Materia – 9th Symphony – Antonin Dvorak
05. Jens Hedman, Eva Sidén – Tripple Concerto (La Ruine Envahie) – Ludwig Van Beethoven
06. The Bird Who Fell To Earth – 3rd Piano Concerto – Sergej Rachmaninov
07. Niklas Rydén –  Branderburger Concerto No 2 – Johann Sebastian Bach
08. Malin Bång – I Lönnens Skymning (Viskningar I Skymningen Remix) – Wilhelm Stenhammar
09. Jörgen Dafgård – 5th Symphony (Mahler Revisited Remix) – Gustav Mahler
10. Håkan Lidbo – Symphony No 5 – Ludwig Van Beethoven
11. Ida Lunden – Piano Concerto A Minor (Björn und Clara remix) – Robert Schumann
12. Yourhighness – 5th Symphony/Adagio (Adagiettot Förliser remix) –  Gustav Mahler


01. Noisebud – La Jeune Fille Et La Mort – Franz Schubert
02. Sven Rånlund – La Réjouissance/Music For The Royal Firework (…and a 1, 1, 2, 3 remix) – George Friedrich Händel
03. Anders Ilar – Nocturne op 15 nr 2 – Frederic Chopin
04. Dishdishdance – Agnus Dei/Requiem – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
05. Nyström D.Ä. & D.Y. – Kaiserwalzer OP 437 – Johann Strauss
06. Jesper Nordin – Le Sacre Du Printemps – Igor Stravinskij
07. Ola Bergman – Carmina Burana (Carmina Bergmana remix) – Carl Orff
08. PhylnluQ – La Réjouissance/Music For The Royal Firework – George Friedrich Händel
09. Tora Vinter  6th Symphony (Tora Vinter Remix) – Pjotr Tjajkovskij
10. Lisa Nordstrom – Piano Concerto in A minor – Edward Grieg
11. Isak Eldh – 2nd Symphony – Jean Sibelius