Word Record Attempt


A lot of the great music of our time has stemmed from the collaborations of like minded artistes. Songwriting couples like Hal David and Burt Bacharach, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, Gary Glitter and Mike Leander and so forth. Swedish producer Hakan Lidbo has released more that 250 records so far (no joke), but this far not a single mainstream hit (though many of them have been floorfillers on clubs all over the World). Maybe the problem is that he has always produced on his own? So how do you make the ultimate song? Hakan’s background, studying mathematical statistics at university, led to the conclusion that he perhaps needs more collaborators and from there the theory developed that the greater the number of collaborators, the greater the level of success. The idea of breaking a new World record was born.

Hakan Lidbo and We Are Woodville Recordings invite anyone to participate, anyone with musical skills and a computer. The conditions are simple… The label and artist have posted online two 125 BPM samples and producers are being asked to make 4 bars of music around them.  Hakan Lidbo will then edit all pieces together into a new and innovative track with all profits going to the charity Amnesty International.

The full competition details and samples are posted here.
All submissions should be submitted by June 27,  2011.