8 Hours – A campaign for animals rights

8hoursbigbildEvery now and then, through occasional articles and on TV, we become aware of the way animals suffer when being transported. But the suffering continues in Europe and rest of the World. Two EU commisioners have promised new laws but done nothing, and the current one, Joe Dalli from Malta, hasn’t promised anything at all. Long animal transports are not only cruel but also unnecessary. The campaign “8 hours”, initiated by Carl Schluter and Sweden’s green party, has made a film to support the animal’s rights. To make it illegal to transport longer than 8 hours. The film was edited by Gunnar Fernlund and the music was made by Håkan Lidbo.

You can sign an appeal and give your support here.

You can read this letter to the new head of the EU commission demanding a change in the law.

Learn more about Djurens Rätt/Animal’s Rights here.

And then, off course, watch the video.