Lost Bots


As a part of the Voltfestival, 25 specially manufactured robots invaded central Stockholm and central Uppsala May 7 2011. The robots can do nothing but go forward. But they are very cute. And they carry signs saying “Help! We are lost. Please lead us to the Voltfestival”. We trust people to pity the robot and to help them to their destination. We often think of robots made to help humans -- but still we fear them. But these robots need our help and they have much morereason to fear humans. It´s the goodness of people that make them fulfill their task, not any advanced CPU, GPS or AI.

Here they are:

LOST BOTS from udos motion graphics on Vimeo.

This is TV4 covering the pre-launch robot story:

This is how they were made:

Lost Bots at Voltfestivalen June 11,  2011: