Köksradion / The Kitchen Radio


(Photo Mattias Ahlm/Sveriges Radio)

Köksradion (The Kitchen Radio) is a new radio concept made by the food writer Lisa Förare Winbladh, the sommelier and music producer Alf Tumble and Håkan Lidbo. They explore how food, wine and music can be matched.  When food, wine and music is cleverly combined, each component strengthens the other ones, but when something doesn’t work with the rest, the dinner might be ruined.

Köksradion create menus where an idea, or a concept, is explored through food, whine and music. Concepts like “backwards”, “mistakes”, “air” or “faith”. These are not the usual French-cuisine-type-of-themes, so how can one make menus from these concepts? Well, listen to Köksradion and find out!

The listeners are asked to buy the ingredients to cook the food and to buy the wine, in preparation for the show. Köksradion is not only for your ears, but also nose, mouth and eyes. The listeners will cook, drink, eat and listen to the music. And discover new sensations.

An episode of Köksradion is 80 minutes, but the music, selected to perfectly match the food and the wine, continues in Spotify all evening. Fridays 18.00-19.20, June 16- Aug 19. Sveriges Radio P2

But you can also listen at Köksradion’s website anytime.

Köksradion in Swedish TV. The Culture News Show: