3step_bigbild33 players dance together—but also by themselves. Creating beats and motion graphics with their feet. Body movements are transformed into shapes and sounds. Use your feet, your eyes, your ears, and most of all your imagination. 3-step will control your body and your body will control 3-step. The installation allows 3 players to control music and graphics by stepping on dance pads on the floor. The goal is simply to create something groovy, exiting and beautiful. Are you ready to 3-step? Created, designed and composed by Dan Spegel and Håkan Lidbo. It was first presented at Voltfestivalen June 11, 2011.

These are the rules:

Get on the dance pads

Dance on the filled squares

You create the animations and the music

Empty squares make no animations

Recharge all your squares anytime on the +

If you have the last remaining square, you can dance on it and give it to your buddies

If two or three buddies dance on the same squares, the animation becomes colored

A longer synchronized sequence makes even more color

When all is colored, when the music really swings, you are the winning team

3-step at Voltfestivalen june 11 2011:

3-Step @ Voltfestivalen 2011 from Dan Spegel on Vimeo.

The dance pads.


3 screens.


The animations look and sound like this:

Layered animations.