Birds Of Hedasen

birdsofhedasenbigbildBirds Of Hedasen is a collaboration between electronica producer Motoko Ishii and Håkan Lidbo.Rhythms by Håkan Lidbo, amospheres, textures, vocals and mix by Motoko Ishii. An avant-garde story about nature and life expressed in 6 songs.

1. Birds Of Hedasen
2. Moist (Where Can I Find Myself)
3. Ancestor Of Modern Birds
4. Valita (Knowledge Across Generations)
5. Lava Gull
6. Aves (The Vertebrates Of Love)

Listen to a live performance by Allison Chanic playing the Birds Of Hedasen:

Birds Af Hedasen (Live 2012) by Allison Chanic on Mixcloud

Get it here.

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Here is a video of one of the songs, made by Motoko Ishii herself:

Allison Chanic & Hakan Lidbo – Birds af Hedasen (2011) from アリソン チャニック on Vimeo.