The CCC Pad is a prototype as a part of an extensive research project by Dr Rikard Lindell in collaboration with Håkan Lidbo, programmers and designers.

It’s a creative media interface where sounds and video can be played in a new and intuitive way. It’s also a collaborative way of making music, either on a big touch screen or on several iPads linked together. The first version will be on the market in fall 2012 but meanwhile the big touch screen prototype was tested at the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest jan 11.


The concept of the CCC-Pad project is that everyone can interact with each other. Most live electronic music is about musicians playing on separate units without the possibility to effect each others music. Same for visual artists. With CCC-Pad, everyone can manipulate, change, add and delete anything, both music and video. Everything is connected to everything else. It’s electronic live music and visual art without limits.

Collaborators in this projects are the designers Oskar Kjelleryd and Haithem Mizban from Quantum White and the programmers Fredrik Jansson and Dr Rikard Lindell from Mälardalen University. CCC-Pad is a part of the C3LOOPS project.

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Here are some images from the Eurovision Contest where Håkan Lidbo performed a mashup of four Swedish hit songs, all called electric. With the CCC-Pad, the song could easily be arranged to this sound beyond electric.

The performance at the Eurovision Song contest can be found here.