European Indoors Athletes Championship 2013


In March 2013, around 600 athletes from 50 countries, along with 20 000 fans will come to the Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg for the European Athletics Indoor Championships – and the event will be followed live on TV all over Europe. The music will play an important role in these championships, not only to create an atmosphere and a sonic ID for the competitions and the exhibition, but also to help the spectators to follow the activities on the field. The music, composed by Håkan Lidbo, will tell what dicipline is the most interesting to follow at any given moment.EM2013_pic1

All the associated activities are being held indoors in the Swedish Exhibition Centre, next to the arena. This is a unique concept, as it not only allows  thousands of square metres for competitions, but also includes athlete’s accommodation, restaurants and entertainment, all under one roof.

Here is the official website.

Here is the TV spot:

Here is a promo spot with Swedish high jump star Emma Green:

Here is a promo spot with Swedish long jump star Michel Torneus:

Here is a bumper from the jumbotron at Scandinavium arena: