Voltfestivalen 2012


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress – Saturday, June 9th 2012, 20.00-03.00. Volt is Sweden’s leading festival for electronic music. On June 9th 2012, Volt is celebrating its fourth anniversary.

For the fourth year running, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is occupied by electronic beats on June 9th 2012 as The Volt Festival enters the building. The festival is a collaboration between Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and the radio program Ström on Swedish National Radio’s P2. As in previous years, a long list of Swedish and international electronic music acts will be presented. Volt 2012 presents electronic music in its many forms: from focused, minimalist house and techno to rock hard dubstep, humming ambient and genre-defying experiments. Volt is much more than a music festival celebrating electronic music. Visitors to Volt are also presented with video art and interactive installations occupying the borderland between man and machine, digital and analog.

Voltfestivalen in Kulturnyheterna:

Voltfestivalen in ABC-nytt:

Voltfestivalen in TV4:

A salut from “Der Musiksoldat” – Wolfgang Flür, ex Kraftwerk member:

This years festival include artists such as:

The Black Dog (UK)
Oneohtrix Point Never (US)
Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) (DE)
Gudrun Gut (DE)
Loud Objects (US)
Ikonika (UK)
Jacaszek (PN)
Alter/Jonsson (SE)
Andreas Tilliander (SE)
Differnet + Stig Larsson (SE)
Håkan Lidbo (SE)

..and many more…