BK_remix_bigbildBonniers Konsthall Remix is an app that will let you remix DJ Hans Berg’s song “Hit, Stroke, Turn” that was commissioned for Bonniers Konsthall’s exhibition “More Than Sound”. Make your own remix and participate in our remix competition. A jury will choose a winning remix, and the best entries will be displayed in our exhibition during the finale on the 30th of November 2012. Deadline for submitting your mix is the 5th of November 2012. The visitors at Bonniers Konsthall can remix at the More Than Sound exhibition on iPads as well as downloading the app themselves.

On the BK-remix app you can edit each channel separately, distort, reverse, change volume and tempo. Press REC and work with the remix tools. When you are finished, send the mix to Bonniers Konsthall!

The app is programmed by Jonatan Liljedahl, designed by David Lilja, original design by Håkan Ullberg, project management by Håkan Lidbo.


Get BK-remix in appstore here.

Learn more about the exhibition here.