Ethnographic Mash-up

Hakan Lidbo was asked to make a musical interpretation of Stockholm’s Ethnographic Museum’s new exhibition “Magasinet”. In this new exhibition a large number of objects that previously was stored in the magazine, are now on display for everyone to explore. Instead of showing these objects in chronological or geographical order, they are sorted in a more intuitive way. Some would probably call it a chaotic way. More than 6000 objects in all, from all continents and cultures.

The music is built from interviews and old field recording made by Swedish explorers from the early 20th century; Sven Hedin, Sten Bergman and Yngve Laurell. Some recordings are almost 100 years old. The field recordings are time-stretched into a beat and interviews into some sort of rap. We learn about a long journey through the unknown parts of Asia and how to best prepare a dish of human flesh.

The music together with the video, created by visual artist Dan Spegel, was performed live at the opening party for the new exhibition, opened by Swedsih Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.