Province Folk-tronica


Long time ago, before music could be recorded, most people couldn’t hear that much music. There were no iPods, no internet, no record players and no radio. Sometimes fiddlers played music at markets and parties, at weddings and harvest fests , but except from that one had to sing to yourself (or maybe build a violin from an old wooden clog). Music didn’t develop very fast either. It sounded pretty much the same from one generation to the next. And music was local. It didn’t travel. Fiddlers could work over an area of a couple of counties but rarely over bigger distances. You could only hear the music that came from your own surroundings. This is how musical dialects developed.

Today it’s very different. You have access to music from all over the World by a click on your computer or on your phone.

The radio show Ström asked Swedish artists that make electronic music to create a new piece of music that reflects their home region. Music that connects to the local traditions, the history and the people of that area. Is it possible for today’s modern, electronic musicians to capture this in their music? Is it possible to do this with modern, electronic music equipment?

Province Folk-tronica (Landskapselektronika) is a project by Ström, Sweden’s finest radio show about electronic music.

These are the participating artists:

01. Foil (Kajsa Lindgren & Vanessa Martinez) from Norrbotten
02. Sophie Rimheden & Emma Essinger from Skåne
03. Stenbit feat Erik Bergqvist from Värmland
04. Dwayne Sodehrberk from Uppland
05. Elin Passion from Västerbotten
06. Albin Ström from Närke
07. David Lilja from Hälsingland
08. Anders Ilar from Dalarna
09. Moneeo (Irene Sahlin & Per Samuelsson) from Gästrikland
10. Frida Herschenröther & Oscar Mander) from Sörmland

Watch Dwayne Sodehrberk on UNT TV here:

Närke’s song performed live by Albin Ström:

Listen to Dwayne Sodehrberk on P4 Uppland here.

Interview with Stenbit in Vermlands Folkblad here.