BeatBar is an interactive bar with built-in electronics and a sound system. The guests create the music with the drinks by moving, twisting and re-arranging the glasses on the bar. The guests mix, arrange and create the music together. They control one element of the music each; drums, percussion, bass, melodies etc. Each drink reflects it’s designated music; a sparkly champagne play a sparkly synth – a full-bodied Guinness play a full-bodied bassline.

It’s the ultimate party machine for anyone who is looking for a new club experience. Meeting, drinking and enjoying good music has always been a successful combination – but with BeatBar, drinking is also very creative.

This is how it works:

In this example, the drinks match the sounds of the music in a catchy latin pop song.

1. Braft beer – Bass
2. Gin & Tonic – Percussion
3. Campari – Shakers
4. Bottled beer – Bassline
5. Red wine – Guitar
6. White wine – Piano

The music can also match a certain wine. In this example the different elements of the music sounds like the wine tastes – with different typical grapes from different countries.

1. South African Pinotage = Cape pop beat (a disputed grape and a country with liberal wine laws / a wild creole music style)
2. Chilean Carmenere = Latin percussion (a grape that Chileans first thought was indigenous but it later proved to be Europeian / Chilean Cueca rhythms; Europeian and indigenous indian music blended)
3. Spanish Tempranillo = Castanets ( Intense and earthy taste /Energetic Flamenco music with feet hard to the ground)
4. French Bordeaux = Double bass and cello (World’s most classic wine region / Classical music on historical instruments)
5. Portugese Port = Fado guitar (A sweet and strong wine / Emotional and powerful guitar rhythms)
6. Argentinian Malbec = Bandoneon (Full bodied taste / Dramatic and expressive accordion melodies)

The content of BeatBar can be changed into any music and any drinks.

Our senses are not at all, as we earlier believed, seperated from each other. The senses cross connect so we can experience new sensations. Tasting food and wine is very much about smell, sights, sounds – and the emotions all these impressions bring to life.


The technology in BeatBar is based on printed codes under the glasses (from Reactable Systems SL), lit from inside the bar by double 126xIR light beamers. The position and the movements of the glasses are registered by an infrared filtered Guppy Pro F-046B camera at the bottom of the bar. The data from the camera feeds into a PC with a specially developed software by Christian Vasselbring. The computer plays specially composed and arranged loops through Argon 7340A speakers, double Argon Sub840 subwoofers. And the whole piece is nicely hand crafted by guitar builder John Coogan.

Programming and technical development by Christian Vasselbring, management by Ebrahim Isaacs, concept by Håkan Lidbo.

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Here is a short video demonstration (Swedish only):


Here the BeatBar is promoting the Coffee brand Zoega’s new Brazilian flavor:

Swedish Prince Carl Philip, Sweden’s Minister of Commerce and Minister of Agriculture play BeatBar at Bocuse d’Or in Lyon 2013: