The Forge VS Hakan Lidbo

Live improvised music from The Forge vs Håkan Lidbo at Teaterstudio Lederman November 4 2012.

THE FORGE: Michael Blair – Drums, percussion and objects. Lars Cleveman – Synthesizer and Grand Piano – Martin Rössel – Electric Guitar and voice.

HÅKAN LIDBO – Computer, controllers, secret apps and soundconverging wizardry.

The whole Concert was 1.15 hrs long and consisted of totally live and improvised music with no preconcieved songs or musical ideas. A short 5 minute soundcheck was done before this group of people played together for the first time in this completely unique Concert. Light by Sara Hildén, live sound by Niklas Carlsson.

Filmed by Marika Heidebäck.

1. Noise

2. Piano