The Regression Chamber


Regression Chamber is a collaboration between the video artist Martin Söderblom and Håkan Lidbo exhibited at Norrtälje Art Gallery Jan 18 –  Feb 10 2013.

Daniel Werkmäster, Art gallery Director:

In Regression Chamber Hakan Lidbo and Martin Soderblom present changing images, amorphic music, shapeless spatiality to represent an inner chamber for regression, without time and place, where the artwork finds it’s full potential.

The experience happens in the subconcious of the visitors, not in the physical room, not in the video projections or in the music. The large projections with Rorschach-like, ever-changing, abstract patterns and abysmal, thumping music, visitors can explore their inner-self. Another sound installations by Håkan Lidbo can be found in other parts of the art gallery.

From the exhibition:

Another short video/music sample: