sthlmnoise_bigbildHow does Stockholm sound compared to other cities in the world? What do the citizens think of their everyday soundscapes? And does ‘noise’ really exist? Together with citizens and city visitors STHLM Noise explores these questions. STHLM Noise is the collaboration between music producer Håkan Lidbo and ethnologist and sound blogger Elin Franzén, which started in 2009. Through exhibitions, interactive web-based projects and workshops Stockholm Noise explores our attitudes towards the city sounds.

Here is Stockholm Noise.


Jan 24-March 24, Stockholm Culture Center till exhibit Stockholm Noise with 4 station where the visitors can explore the sounds of the city – and hopefully get new insights and a understanding for how the sounds affect us. The exhibition is designed by Åsa Bexelius and Johanna Jarmeus at Lola Architects. Produced by Deniz Duvarci. Technical installations by Kazuya Takeda and Jan Lilja.

Here is the exhibition.


STOCKHOLM SOUND MAP is an interactive sound map where anyone can contribute with their own recordings and stories about sound experiences from the city. Do you have a favorite Stockholm sound? Share it and discover the city through the ears of others.

Here is the Soundmap.


STOCKHOLM SOUND MAP SOUNDTRACK. Combine music from eight artists with urban sounds of your choice and create a Stockholm soundtrack with no beginning or end.

Here is Stockholm Sound map Soundtrack.


STOCKHOLM PLAY. 12 sound-postcards from Stockholm. Can Stockholm be a city worth visiting because of its sounds? Just as cities around the world attracts people with beautiful views or exotic smells, we believe that Stockholm could be promoted as a well-sounding city. Which sound-postcards would you like to send from the city?

Here is Stockholm Play.


STOCKHOLM REMIX. Electronica artists turn noise into music. In the first STHLM noise project a group of electronica artists were given the challenge of turning Stockholm’s most disturbing environmental sounds into music. The artists are Mokira, Noisebud, Sophie Rimheden, Håkan Lidbo and Yourhighness.

Here is Stockholm Remix.

Here is Stockholm Noise on Swedish TV (Swedish only):

This is a film that can be seen at the exhibition, presenting the projects:

The projects are funded by Stockholms Stad, Stockholmsgillet, Stiftelsen Gustaf VI Adolfs fond för svensk kultur och Stockholms Läns Landsting. is designed and programmed by Håkan Ullberg, Max Stein and Jonatan Liljedahl. Photo by Max Carlgren and Gunnar Fernlund.