Rockbjörnen Mash-up

rockbj2_bigbildAt the Rockbjörnen Music Award 2012, Håkan Lidbo was commissioned to make a mix of the 5 nominated songs in the category “best pop song of the year”. The song, previously completely unfamiliar to the artist, was cut up in some sort of dub step mash-up, performed at the award.


Rockbjörnen is a music prize in Sweden, divided into several categories, which is awarded annually by the newspaper Aftonbladet. The magazine’s web browser appoint laureates. The prize was first awarded in 1979, and is mostly centered on pop and rock. 2010 Aftonbladet decided to redo Rockbjörnen and focus more on live performances. This initiative was hailed by artists and industry. The period of Rockbjörnen was extended with the concept of development from one month to three months (all summer).