Ström Åt Folket – Power To The People


Ström Åt Folket means “Power To The People” and it’s a one hour documentary about Swedish electronic music from 1953 to 2013. 60 years of music history in 60 minutes. Today electronic music can be heard everywhere and it’s bigger than rock and pop for people growing up today. But for a long time this music was misunderstood and ridiculed. Synthesizers weren’t real instruments and electronic musicians weren’t real artists or composers.

The films was commissioned by Swedish Television in a series called K-Special and was broadcasted May 3, 2013. The whole film is mixed like a DJ set; music, interviews and archive material is all beat matched into 125 bpm.

In the film we see artists like Robyn, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Jesper Dahlbäck, The Knife, Adam Tensta, Midaircondo, Swedish Housemafia, Marina Schiptjenko and many others. Plus people from influential record labels, clubs and some of the Swedish synth manufacturers.

Ström Åt Folket is a film by Håkan Lidbo together with Mats Almegård, Andreas Tilliander and Hanna Kihlander. It was edited by Simon Carlgren, B-edited by Iacopo Patierno, editing supervised by Johan Söderberg,  filmed by Adam Nilsson, producer Patrik Hambraeus, intro and outro graphics by Håkan Ullberg. Producer SVT Emelie Persson.

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An early trailer:

Watch it May3-June 3 at Swedish TV web here.
Or, if you’re not so picky about copyright, watch it here (please hold on for English subs):