Stockholm Sounds

In collaboration with Stockholm Visitor’s Board and Stockholm Business Region, the Swedish music producer and sound-artist Hakan Lidbo have created a series of interactive installations to promote the city of Stockholm.

1. At Stockholm International Airport you can find Big Beat – World’s only interactive, choreographic, social giant drum machine (that is also a game). Stretch out in unknown bodily positions to reach the buttons and create rhythms. make new friends to create even funkier beats together.


2. Also at Stockholm International Airport, the Music Walkways can be found. They are some sort of magic carpets 8 x 1 meter, that play music when walked upon. Control the speed of the music with your walking speed. Walk slower to slow down the music, stop and the music will stop. The music you control are international Swedish hits.


3. Go to Stockholm Tourist Center (opposite of Central Train Station) and explore Time Mirrors. A series of TV monitors stream images of the visitors, but filmed from different angles and with different delays. It’s very confusing to try to find out where you are. And when.


4. World’s biggest interactive music score can be found outside Stockholm Concert Hall. The project is called Big Score. Single players walk or run over the scores and create a medley of pieces of classical music. Multiple players jump in and out of the score and create a mash-up of the classics.


The installations are a part of a new, ambitious campaign, presented by Stockholm Business Region. Guided by an app, visitors (or native Stockholmers) can play a game and at the same time explore the city by it’s sounds and it’s music.

Here is a short film about how Stockholm can be explored in a new way:


Get the app here:

The project on Swedish National TV (Swedish only):

Collaborators in these projects:

Big Beat – Magnus Frenning, Music Walkways & Big Score –  Per-Olov Jernberg, Time Mirrors –  Ludvig Elblaus.


Big Beat –  David Wätte, Big Score – Tom Waldton, Time Mirrors – Ebrahim Isaacs.