Stockholm Central Station Installation


Stockholm Central Station’s old station clock has returned to it’s right place in front of the main entrance. It has been placed on different locations, forgotten and neglected for more than 100 years. But october 23 it finally returned. This event also marks the progress of the big reconstruction of Stockholm Central Station that has been going on for a few years.

After the inauguration an interactive installations was presented. The travelers that pass through the entrance (200.000 people pass Stockholm Central Station every day) control music and sounds by walking on colored dots. Each dot trigger a chord and the closer the dots are to the main entrance and the station clock, the higher the chord. But each dot also play different sounds that corresponds with the story of the clock that can be read on bigger dots next to the music dots. Travelers can create music and mash-up sound effects if the hallway is not too busy. At rush hour the installation becomes an uplifting chime.
The sounds are:
1904.1_Old train
1904.2_Old train bell
19271._Old lorry
1927.2_Spring from the clocks mechanics
1954.1_Ticking from the clock
1954.2_Cogs from the clock
2013.1_Speaker announcement from the station
2013.2_Modern speed train

The installation was ordered by Wow By Rewir, programmed by Ludvig Elblaus and Per-Olov Jernberg, concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.

The opening ceremony:

The assembly of the station clock: