Toca Lab

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Calling all scientists! Put on your lab coat because things are about to get experimental. This is Toca Lab!

Welcome to Toca Lab! Explore the colorful and electrifying world of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table. Discover elements by experimenting with the lab tools! Take your element for a spin in the centrifuge. Warm them up in the Bunsen burner. Ouch, too hot!
 Put the element on ice with the cooling agent!
* Add a drop or two of mysterious liquids from the test tubes.
 Change their voltage and make them magnetic with the oscilloscope. Each element has it’s own personality. Is Gold heavy or light? What does Neon sound like? Is Nitrogen squishy or hard? Explore, inspect, and study each one and let us know! Can you find all 118? The time has come, future scientists, to head into the lab to explore and discover. Put on your lab coat and protective eye gear because things are about to get experimental!

All sound fx and music by Håkan Lidbo.
Toca Lab is filled with happy blobs that wants you to explore and experiment your way through the whole periodic table of elements!
Go on, take them for a spin on the centrifuge or heat them up in the bunsen burner. Discover the mysterious liquids from the test tubes and change their voltage in the oscilloscope. There’s so much fun going on in Toca Lab it simply has to be explored, get it here!

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