Mipim 2014


Håkan Lidbo arranged a given text about Stockholm from an investment perspective, but as a hyper synchronized percussion session. The secret to make this work is to use the best percussion players to be found and to let them practice for a long time.
The instruments are: 8 pencils, 8 notebooks, 4 Swedish kronor, 4 VISA cards, 4 economic reports, 4 tax forms, 4 date stamps, 4 coffee cups, 4 spoons, 1 coffee pot, 1 flower, 1 full trash bin, 1 accounting binder.

MIPIM in Cannes, at the French Riviera, is world’s largest real estate investment convention where the world’s biggest cities present themselves as the most profitable alternative to invest money.

The percussionists: Liliana Zavala, Maria Ohlsson, Love Meyerson, Magnus Almquist
The presenter: Erik Rosales
The project was initiated and managed by Step2, Stockholm.

Here is a bonus remix:

And here we perform the presentation at Stockholmsmötet: