Big Cubes


Big Cubes are probably World’s biggest midi controllers. Created by Håkan Lidbo and Per-Olov Jernberg.

3 inflatable cubes, each 2 x 2 x2 meters, with built in gyro that detects the positions in 3 axes. The gyro send data to a music computer that play 6 different loops for each cube. One play drums, one play bass, one play melodies. By tilting a cube 45°, 2 or 3 loops can be crossfaded and at the same time a high pass filter makes the mixing more musical. The visual interface is projected on the wall so that the performers know which side is up (not so easy to see if you’re less tall than 2 meters).

The design of Big Cubes comes from the Yellofier app where the colors represent different sounds and the patterns different effects. The editing in the app is similar; moving and twisting the graphic elements controls the music. Big cubes takes these small graphic elements and blow them up into gigantic proportions. If you’re used to work with the Yellofier app, playing with Big Cubes makes you feel like you’re 0,5 cm tall, playing inside the phone.


Big Cubes is a very different, very physical and very amusing way to create music. It’s an instrument where it’s an advantage if the performers are a bit drunk.

Big Cubes at Voltfestivalen:

The Big Cubes prototype tested at Stockholm Midihack (hosted by Spotify)


At Intensivdagarna in Visby, arranged by Riksutställningar:

At Music Techfest in Umeå: