Urban Twist


Electronic Beats has requested a surprising collaboration between Swiss electronic music legend Boris Blank and Håkan Lidbo. It’s a less-than-3-minute song called “Urban Twist”, released on EB’s annual compilation vinyl. Boris Blank and Håkan Lidbo share the space on the vinyl with other greatnesses like Moderat, Efterklang etc. The song is made entirely on the Yellofier app which makes it even more unique. The collaboration is built in to the app where you can share an arrangment with a few clicks. Urban Twist is a way to show how powerful the Yellofier app is and that it can be a complete tool for song production.

Download the song here.


Since 1980 Boris Blank and Yello has been one of Håkan Lidbo’s musical heroes. The way Yello incorporated sounds in their production and the way Boris Blank cut up samples in fragments, pasting them together into un-earthly rhythms, has always been a main influence in Håkan’s music. So on a personal level, this collaboration is a dream coming true.