Ruby Red – The interactive online musical


Absolut Ruby Red release 2006: The Evolutionary Musical, an oddball animated production by Stockholm-based agency Great Works that trumpets the Swedish vodka brand’s newest flavor. Music and sound design by Hakan Lidbo. The word “surreal” doesn’t even begin to describe this interactive musical, which puts viewers in the director’s chair by allowing them to choose the narrative path of a heroic grapefruit as it evolves from a simple fruit into a glorious alcoholic beverage—all while encountering flying sharks, anthropomorphic camels and other similarly bizarre characters along the way. After completing the musical “choose-your-own-adventure”-style, viewers can download their masterpiece onto their PSP or iPod. And for those who’d rather play composer than director, the Song-O-Gram feature lets you pick the words and genre for a personalized musical shout-out to all of your unsuspecting friends.

Vodka with grapefruit flavor. When Absolut Vodka realized that “Rubi Red” was registered by a small liquor producer in the US, they decided to stop production for legal reasons and confiscated the small batch already produced. Some bottles were out internally, but nothing was shipped out from Åhus for sale. The product was renamed “Ruby Red” after that.



Pt 1 – 1st choice

Pt 1 – 2nd choice

Pt 2 – 1st choice

Pt 2 – 2nd choice

Pt 3 – 1st choice

Pt 3 – 2nd choice

Pt 4 – Grand finale