Music Walkways

musicwalkways_bigbildMusic Walkways are magic musical carpets, 8 x 1 meter, that play music when walked upon. The walker control the speed of the music with the walking style.
Rasberry Pi’s play music loops, synchronized to a tempo, depending on the movement of the person (s) on the carpet. A camera a 3-4 meters above, on the wall, register the moving pixels which then is translated into music.
Music Walkways are programmed by Per-Olov Jernberg, sound design by Håkan Lidbo

At Stockholm International Airport, 2 Music Walkways were installed 2013-2014. When the travelers walked slowly, they would slow down the music, when they stopped the music would stop. And the music they controlled were international Swedish hits. One carpet played old Swedish hits, one played new ones.

At Volkswagen’s massive fair/festival E-mobility 2014, presenting future’s mobility and VW’s electric vehicles, 2 Music Walkways were installed. The visitor’s could play different loops from the theme of the festival composed by Swiss synth legends Yello. All loops fit in key and tempo so even quite drunk visitor’s could create music with their walking style.

Håkan Lidbo playing on one of the Berlin Music Walkways.