Singing Tunnels


Urban pedestrian tunnels can be scary. Badly lit, scary acoustics, stinky and dirty. A place you want to pass through as fast as possible. The project Singing Tunnels tries to change this experience to something positive. Singing Tunnels is a project by Max Björverud and Hakan Lidbo.

A microphone picks up the sound from the tunnel, detecting the pitch of the sound with PureData, playing back a sampled female voice singing the same pitch. The result is a tunnel that sings with you. Or, if you bring a musical instrument, the tunnel with sing along with you. It works as long as you sing or play one note at the time. If you don’t produce a note, like everyday noise or talking, the tunnel won’t sing.

The purpose of the project is to transform tunnels into something inspiring and fun. Urban planners are welcome to contact us to discuss a possible musicalification of the tunnels in their city.


Early test in Danvikstunneln in Stockholm:

Tests in Brunkebergstunneln in Stockholm City:

Whistle is also good:

Tests in a tunnel in the suburb of Vällingby:

Here in the Londonviadukten tunnel (the system is very tolerant even if you dont sing in perfect pitch):

Max Björverud doing some testing in the small town of Osby:


Swedish rap star Promoe testing the Gullmarsplan tunnel: