Das Lied Von Der Erde

DasLiedVonDerErde_1The album Das Lied Von Der Erde (The song of the Earth) is one piece of music, 46 minutes long. It’s composed with music and sounds into a story about human loneliness and isolation in a world full of technology made for us us to communicate with each other. The title is borrowed from Mahler’s symphonic piece with the same name. Party because it’s a powerful name but also because Mahler’s Das lied Von Der Erde is built from ancient Chinese poetry with the theme of life and belonging. The world today is changing rapidly and China is undergoing the very fastest change – a true challenge for the government as well as the individuals. So the album Das Lied Von Der Erde partly takes place in China and the artwork comes from a trip amongst the new Chinese megacities.


Das Lied Von Der Erde was released on Sweden’s small I/O records and nominated for the Grammy award in 2015.

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