Multisensory Music


With Multisensory Music the visitors create music by touching the sculpture and each other. The shape is weird and edgy to make it challenging to reach to contact surfaces. The large number of possible combinations of touching makes for endless exploration in music.

The music is expressed not only as sound but also as vibrations though 5 bass shakers inside the sculpture – and it’s visualized as animations that “look like the music sounds” displayed on the rhombic glasses from projections inside the sculpture. Each rhombus representing a musical harmony. Music is experienced with many senses at the same time.


Multi Sensory Music was developed in collaboration with groups of disabled children who performed tests during the whole process.

The project is a part of Megamind, a new ambitious science center at Sweden’s Musuem of Science and Technology.


Multisensory Music has been developed by Håkan Lidbo, Magnus Frenning, Dan Spegel, Göran Sandström, Romeo Brahaneastu and Daniela Brahaneastu. Prototyping by David Wätte/Spixa.


Multisensory Music weight apx 300 kg, it’s 2800 mm from edge to edge and the shape is built by 2 elements only that has ben repeated and twisted in different combinations. The electronics contains of 5 contact surfaces, the connections is detected by a Rasberry Pi, sending data to a MacMini. 2 stereo loudspeakers, 5 bass shakers, 4 regular loudspeakers and a ultra short throw projector.
Slightly wobbly pentagonal mirror in the ceiling so that everyone can “see the music”.
Multisensory music was developed together with different groups of disabled children; blind, deaf, wheelchairs and those with cognitive disabilities. During extensive tests the shape, design and function of the project was adjusted so that everyone found participate regardless of abilities.

The early prototype as made of tinfoil and paper boxes.
Then 19 mm mdf board.

The music and animations behave differently depending how many people that touch the surfaces and each other.
2 touch each other:

3 touch each other:

4 touch each other:

2 touch and 2 other touch, but not each other:

Winner of Ecsite Mariano Gago Award 2016