The Music Tree


The Music Tree is an interactive tree made of hundreds of tubes and funnels. the tree listens to the visitors and plays back with it’s own musicality. If the players perform well, the tree rewards with additional rhythms. So on top of being a sculpture, it’s an acoustic instrument, an electronic interment and a game.

This is the instruction next to the tree:

“Slå på, ropa och lyssna i rören.
Musikträdet lyssnar på dig och svarar med sina rytmer.
Om du spelar tillsammans med trädet tillräckligt länge så spelar det ännu fler rytmer.”

“Hit, shout and listen into the tubes.
The Music tree listens and replies with it’s own rhythms.
If you play together with the tree long enough it will play even more rhythms.”


The first Music tree was commissioned by Malmö Live, the new amazing concert hall and convention center, for the opening august 28.

The Music Tree was built by Ebrahim Isaacs, Max Björverud and Daniela Brahaneastu with assistance by Katarina Brahaneastu and Joel Uhr. Concept and sound design by Håkan Lidbo.


This is how the tree is connected:

8 microphones mounted in the lower opening of the tubes
detected by an arduino nano
connected to a rasberry pi playing the sounds via a sound card
through 2 small stereo amplifiers to 4 small loudspeakers in 4 of the funnels in the crown
and 2 bigger active loudspeakers mounted down in the pot.