Sunify is a geo specific weather sonifying app that translates real time weather data by the hour, into beautiful music. Data like temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rain, snow, or humidity. It’s a project by Göran Sandström, Max Björverud and Håkan Lidbo.

Each aspect of the weather is represented by a musical instrument together with sounds of different weather in different seasons. Sound of rain, snowfall, seasonal birds or insects. The sound scape is majestic and sedative – humans are deeply emotionally affected by by the forces of nature and the weather. For example, it can present a 24 prognosis as a 24 second musical piece so the user gets a good picture of the forecast by only listening to the music and the sounds.

Sunify is also an interactive musical instrument where the user can create music, jamming with the weather data, by moving the weather representing icons.

The aim is to make weather data an emotional experience. As weather does effect us deeply on an emotional level, the ruling standard layout with statistic data in graphs and figures, doesn’t tell what the weather feels like. The data has it’s limitations compared with music.

Sunify aslo aims to make climate research and weather in general more popular and easier to grasp. It can also serve as a helpful tool when you can’t watch the display of the phone or for visually impaired…


…as a sonic “postcard” from a place with surprising weather…


… or as an alarm clock that wakes you up, let’s you know the 24 hour forecast and puts you in a good mood from the very start of the day.


Sunify is built as a platform that can make music out of any data input. Signification proves to be a powerful tool to reach users on a deeper level that only visual and text presentation af data.


The project was the winner in the national hackathon Hack For Sweden in the category “best visualization” using data from SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.


Here is an example of how sunified weather a mild day in Stockholm in march (the day the app was originally built)…

…a sunny summer day…

…a cold and windy autumn day…

Find a beta version of Sunify on Google Play here
or check the source code on github here.