Musical Crosswalks

Bigbild_Musical_PedestrianCrossingsPedestrian crossings in the city are equipped with sound boxes to help visually impaired. Now the ticking sound from these boxes play music as well. The ticking sound has been sampled and tuned into well-know melodies. If you wait by the red light, Loreen’s ”Euphoria” (Eurovision winner 2012) is heard to make you relax. When it’s green light and time to hurry over to the other side of the street, Mans Zelmerlow’s ”Heroes” (Eurovision winner 2015) in an upbeat arrangement will make you walk rapidly.

Here is one of the crosswalks:

Here are some tests with the musical ticking:

The Musical Crosswalks is a project by Håkan Lidbo in collaboration with Stockholm City, Stockholm Business Region and the Eurovision Song Contest.

A presentation by Direktpress: