Pneumatic Machine

The old iron mill in Avesta is nowadays the largest art exhibition center in northern Europe. Hakan Lidbo and Tom Waldton were commissioned to bring life to a part of the old factory that has been closed since it shut down many years ago; a large pneumatic machine that blew air up to the ovens where the iron was melted. How do you tell the story about a machine and how do you bring life into the story? Museums of old industrial complex can be very interesting as the constructions and machines themselves are fascinating and inspiring. But they are not alive and they don’t tell the story what it was like to work with these machines. So Hakan and Tom decided to bring life to the pneumatic machine with videotaping and synchronized sounds. 2 projectors facing different sides of the machine combined with ground shaking loudspeakers and vibration speakers inside the floor and multiple relays controlling light that flicker in random patterns. The voice from a seemingly old recording, spoken in the local dialect Dalmål, reading the original description of the machine.
The sounds, the music, the vibrations and the projections in the pitch black room brings the visitors back to the time when the iron mill was full of movement, noise, smells and lots of workers. When Sweden and the Avesta iron mill was one of the biggest providers of iron to the industrial revolution i Europe.
The original drawings were scanned and made into 3d objects, animated with movement in synch with the sounds and projected and mappedfrom 2 angles on the surface of the machine.blas_C






Here is a mobile film of the project, in poor resolution.