Play The Light


Play The Light is an interactive installation where you create melodies of tones and light. Each button control a step in a music sequencer and a spotlight on the wall. 16 buttons representing 16 musical steps and a 16 step light animation dancing around the walls in the room.

The light from the sun is the only source of energy we have on our planet, and the only reason we’re alive, but we often take light for granted. But light, as well as music, effects us physically and mentally. This interactive installation wants to inspire the visitors when they explore how they can create their own dance of light. It’s is a fun, creative and emotional experience, playing with light and sound in different frequencies, rather than a traditional explaining the physics of light.

Play The Light is a project by Håkan Lidbo (concept, sound design), Per-Olov Jernberg (interaction, music and light programming), Max Björverud (electronics and hardware). Woodwork by Romeo Brahaneastu.


The components:

16 push buttons
16 dmx lights
2 active speakers
2 bass shakers
Rasberry pi 3
6 satellite speakers
usb-dmx convertor
10 m led strip
dmx ultra violet light

The center of the installation is a black dome, resembling of a pupil and a black hole:

Some pictures from the developing process:



The room where Play The Light is installed. Floor 2 in Megamind Science Center.

An early draft:

Early version of the light programming seen through the backend of Play The Light.