Future Innovators Summit

After a weekend of workshops and brainstorming, this presentation was given at Ars Electronica Future Innovator Summit. The theme of the workshop was future of commons, future of education and future of humanity. instead of making a traditional presentation of thoughts and conclusions from the workshop, we decided to make an experiential performance with the audience on the stage, eyes closed, listening to 3 parts. The first part was a broadcast from a future news station, to move the participants to the future. The second part was a spatial composition with a general background track and individual tracks with personal questions played from the groups iphones, using plastic cups as acoustic amplifiers. A composition with 7 audio channels in constant motion, combines with generated questions on the screens. The third parts was a final statement, phrased as deeper questions, distilled from the original question; what is the future of humanity?

About F.I.S.
Collaborative brainstorming and the creative development of questions having to do with humankind’s future, education and the digital commons—that’s the mission of the Future Innovators Summit.
Following its successful premiere at the 2014 Festival and the fascinating follow-up last year, the next Future Innovators Summit is formulating creative questions for the future. In workshops and intensive discussions, artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and social activists from all over the world will be talking about their ideas and projects related to this year’s complex of topics: the future of humankind, the future of education, and the future of the Commons. The Future Innovators Summit was developed by Ars Electronica and Hakuhodo, and is being staged this year in cooperation with netidee.


Together with experienced partners, such as Hakuhodo, Internet Foundation Austria – and a group of outstanding innovators from all over the world, the goal is to create future agendas as “Creative Questions”, which means essential, challenging and catalyzing questions for shaping a better society. Together with innovators from different cultures and from different backgrounds such as artists, designers, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and social activists, we will have a unique creative collider program during the Ars Electronica Festival.