Omnibus play Swedish techno classics.

omnibusbigbildOmnibus, Sweden’s finest Wind Chamber Orchestra, performed at the Voltfestivalen, June 6, 2009. They performed three classic Swedish techno 12″s in a stunningly beautiful arrangement by Mårten Josjö. The project was initiated and produced by Håkan Lidbo and the result was something very new and exciting. The audience could hear the connection to 20th century minimalists like Steve Reich and Philip Glass -- but with the funkyness from contemporary techno.

The tracks performed were:

1. Above The Skyline by Alexi Delano and Cari Lekebusch (SVEK)
2. Heartbeats by The Knife (Rabid Records)
3. Washing Up by Tomas NAdersson (Bpitch Control)


1. Above The Skyline (Alexi Delano/Cari Lekebusch)                                           2. Heartbeats (The Knife)

3. Washing Up (Tomas Andersson)                                                                          4. Omnibus presented by the arranger, Mårten Josjö

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