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Håkan Lidbo Audio Industries | Asogatan 122 | SE-11624 Stockholm | Sweden |
Tel +46 (0)704825646 | Fax +46 (0)8 6610115 Skype hakan_lidbo | | | |


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Anders Moren | Container Publishing | Po Box 101 49 | Sweden | Tel +46 (0)8 6607755 | Fax +46 (0)8 6610115 | Mob +46 (0) 707797755


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Håkan Lidbo Audio Industries is the only Europeian production company that will produce every style of music known to man. The company also focuses on sonic research, developing methods to invent new musical styles. Not yet known to man.

Multiple studios can work simultaneously with different parts of a musical piece for maximum efficiency. Or different genres for maximum diversity. All our producers are personally trained by Håkan Lidbo, fully tested, mentally and musically. Every aspect of the music production is supervised by the commanding staff and by the HECS system (Human Error Control Software).


The studios are acousticly optimized and build around the proportions of Håkan Lidbo’s body. The technicians has been employed partly in regards of those physical qualities. All production studios are identical so the productions can easily move to the studio and the engineer that is best fit for a specific part of a production in a specific moment. The mental and physical status of each engineer is monitored by the HECS (Human Error Control System) in order to get the most of each production.

The studios are equipped with MacBook Pro with Logic 8, Ableton Live 7, C3loops and Studiotonne Soundtoy as the main audio tools. Soundcards from Apogee. Controllers from Korg, Jazzmutants and Wii. Plugins from IK Multimedia, Antares, Audiodamage, D16, Native Instruments, Prosonic, Schaak Audio Technologies, Sonalkis, SugarBytes, U-He and Wave Arts.

Hakan Lidbo Audio Industries is kindly sponsored by Albeton Live, IK Multimedia, Korg and Tokyoflash.